Whatsapp Latest features- You should know about it

Whenever we use apps on frequent basis it is quite common to miss latest features added to the app with every new update. Actually we get timely notifications to update for apps installed in our Smartphone, but we never focus on what has changed, and continue to use it, so is with Whatsapp, where among most of us never try to analysis the reason behind an update. Whatsapp is the greatest social instant messaging app used by everyone hence the software engineers at app Development Company analysis the folk’s requirement and keeps modifying it to enhance the usability and publicity of the app.

Whatsapp new feature updates

It might be possible that most of folk are knew about some Whatsapp, but here we are sharing a list of changes done in last few months:

Delete for Everyone

 In month of October 2017 a new revolutionary feature ‘Delete for Everyone’ was introduced as Whatsapp features. The feature permits the text or image sender to remove it from an individual or group chat. It was intended to remove the message within 7 Min. counted from message sent time. Prior to it there was ‘Delete for me only’. By using the option you could delete message from your side only now you can delete the message by pressing and click the Delete option from top right corner of the app. A menu will pop on the screen and you can choose the delete option for only me or everyone from there only.

Live Video Streaming

Similar to Facebook live streaming Whatsapp too offer live video record and sharing as well. To shoot a video you just need to open the group or personal Whatsapp chat with whom you want share the live chat and press long to camera icon just next to text editor and stream video and share it with Whatsapp users.


It was also one of the most revolutionary features of this season introduced by the Whatsapp Inc. for Whatsapp users only where the feature allows the account holder to add video, image slide or content to add in status. Earlier user could update status with text messages only but now within few simple steps you can make creative and interesting status for your Whatsapp profile and everyone linked to your profile get notification of status change or update by bold bullet just next to the status on app’s home page’s status section.

Media sharing limit

Couple of days back there was limit set to 10 on sharing media like image, video from other source to Whatsapp but now the limit has been extended to 30 and now without any hassle you can select 30 images from cell phone’s gallery and share it on Whatsapp.

Two Step Verification

Security reason wise new feature has been introduced to app where it allows the more secured two- step-verification for Whatsapp installed on new Smartphone or contact number to check it authentication.

Message in queue

Over the Android devices Whatsapp offers an ability en-queuing the messages in poor network connection but it was completely vanished from iPhone. Now Whatsapp organization has done it for Whatsapp iPhone version.

Video Calls,

Video call is one the prominent addition to Whatsapp feature’s list where similar to Skype, Google Video calls, and Google DUO it offers the quality video call as well.

Now Whatsapp is not just personalized app, it extremely used by business and corporate for promotional, marketing as well hence the app is continuously upgrading with each new updates like company is working on all file transfer.

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