Flipkart might face legal issue in future for selling weapons online

Flipkart is the India’s biggest online market place for buying and selling goods and services from distinct zonal. It is famous to offer products of tiny to bigger size and common to unusual products at best prices, but there might be a chance for Flipkart to face legal issues against selling weapons online. According various media source it was found that the weapons used in Aurangabad riots in month of May were brought from the E-Commerce solution. Here it is quite necessary to note that Flipkart offers only online platform to third party seller or reseller of conventional business to give their business a boom in the market timely sale engage the buyers as well to buy things from here.  The company has no direct relation with any specific buyer and seller as well. And while allowing a seller to be its registered member and use the platform to sell online it do all required paper formalities like GST NO, Id Proof, Address Proof, Bank Detail, Type of product etc first. It provides the virtual platform only and hopefully has never seen what kind of products are seller selling through the platform. In such case if someone is selling weapons in shade of any legal and authorized products list then it is completely a misuse of technology and virtual platform as well.

According to Hindustan Times, it was reported that there were 28 weapons like swords, choppers, knives, kukris, guptis, were used in riots were found to buy from Flipkart. And according to Arms act 1959 means Article of any Designed or adapted as weapons for offence or defence, and includes firearms but does not include articles designed solely for domestic or agricultural uses such as a lathi or an ordinary walking sticks and weapons incapable of being used otherwise than as a toys, or of being converted into serviceable weapons. In an investigation of Flipkart’s product detail no such item was found there so Flipkart will might get clean chit from the issue but in present it facing legal issues against online selling of weapons.

Source: https://www.medianama.com/2018/07/223-flipkart-weapons/

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