Gmail users alert to be attacked by confidential emails

Gmail is the most institutive emailing service offered by Google to internet users all around the globe. An effortless process to send & receive mails with expeditious speed showcases the emailing platform top in demand and used by almost every internet user. But an agitation of ‘cyber threat of intrude and hacking Gmail’ has been raised in last couple of days, where scammers send fake confidential emails to your Gmail inboxes and whenever user try to download the email content, it auto intrude the user’s confidential database stored on Google drive and folders.

Actually in respect to canvas the platform more creative and intended ‘Tech Giant’ has unveiled the latest design for Gmail to present a clear new user-interface and features of snoozing messages, auto-generated smart replies and self-destruct emails in ‘confidential Mode’. stated that the confidential mode of email’s self destruction is in the center of cyber threat.

Be careful from cyber threat

The Department of Homeland security (DHS) in an alert on ‘potential emerging threat……for nefarious activity’ on Gmail’s redesign and customization stated that “we have reached to Google to inform them of intelligence of relevant to their service and to partners improve our mutual interest in cyber security.”

This time cyber security was centric to confidential emails received into your Gmail inboxes where you open it; the mail content, regardless to forward and downloads option, shows the expiry date of it. There is fear of fake confidential email presents in Gmail redesign where scammers use phishing scam technique to take entry into user’s sensitive database.

In phishing technique hackers trick to choose the trustworthy links to be clicked by user and get a chance to access his/her database. Usually several businesses use several marketing tactics, email marketing is one of them where taking support from digital marketing giant it send promotional mailers on client’s and prospective client’s email ids. Scammers take advantage of such types of spam and subjected to confidential emails send unwanted and quite dangerous content.

In context to security Google spoke person said that the system is committed to protect user’s privacy safe and secured hence developed a machine learning algorithm to detect phishing scams.


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