Design- A mind game to play with objects

Digital designing is a way to accommodate the virtual showoff of objects and ideas. For designers, it’s an art to play with color, graphics, font style and tons of creative ideas to visualize the creatively on a digital canvas, and Photoshop, illustrator and many other designing apps play the key roles in that.

In today’s era the scope of this art is not only briefed to app design and modification but also used for morphology, where you can play with clicked image and can do anything with it for instance, if you have a click of any person, you can change is face, clothes, hands and feet style just similar was did recently with Mr. president’s image and the morphed image with right hand raised to his chest got viral on social media platform and a debate fired between political parties.

It was cleared after a deep research and reviewing the video of that image that the photo was a fake image and some of designing expert did this chaffy act, but why now idea. Morph was invented as an art to smoothly alter a virtual design that none can recognize alternation and in a short time span it has been taken a huge shape of creative web designing. It’s an art to play with existing objects and recreate them with a polishing meaning but the some take advantage of its innovative features to disturb the people lifestyle and social atmosphere just like had with Mr. Mukherjee’s image in RSS’s convocation held recently in Nagpur.

The Morph designing is the latest addition in web design and development industry where it is creatively used for making either a promotional banner or layout by taking essence from countless ideas available on Google chrome and craft a pretty good and creative layout.

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