The new trend of website design

Website designing is a process to build creatively interactive platform for the visitors to serve a friendly atmosphere for relevant task execution. Though its foremost and only visible layout of virtual website hence web design company follows the rule of “A good first impression works wonder” and therefore uses variety of creative ideas and tools in website designing to make it great in looks and user-friendly as well, some of them are as follows:

Web design company

It’s cloud-based development platform that allows user to create website and mobile application in HTML5 by drag and drop. It provides various website creating service such as registration, website design, modification and administration and designer needs to operate the graphical user interface for site creation. He does not need learn the web-based programming language, server building or renting. does everything automatically.


Squarespace is the American based latest tool of web designing and hosting too, now it has reinvented with ecommerce tools, domain name services, and analytics.

Anime (Animation)

The Japanese term ‘Anime’ refers to animation media. Anime is the great source of creativity hence web Development Company uses contextual, video, color, image combination to build a good look and interactive platform.


 The software makes the website design and development easier for professional and unprofessional web experts too. It scans the .psd or sketch files and canvases it into a beautiful user interface. It gives admin panel to user to manage all the assets and, SVG exporting as standard.


Though bootstrap is not new to web industry, but timely changes made the tool advanced and more convenient than earlier and extensively used to rewrite the entire project. Bootstrap works to:

  • Support for IE8 and iOS6
  • CSS source files move from less to Sass
  • Increase the global font size to 16px from14px
  • Add support for flex box in the gird

With an ongoing change in the web design and development technology the website building procedure has become advanced and easier too. Web design company in Delhi NCR uses such advanced technology in website designing and builds a creative and user- friendly website for ecommerce or any other brochure display. Okay Web is one of such web development company in Delhi NCR that deals in using latest technology as per clients needs and demand and build the masterpiece digital solution.

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