Flipkart cheated by customers

Flipkart India’s largest ecommerce website sells needle to luxurious items online and offers a class services to its customer but an unfortunate new has been enlighten that in the time span of 23 months (1Jan2016 to 3 Nov 2017) it faced 1.56 Cr. Loss by customers.

It is quite known that the platform not only gives opportunity to large and small scale businesses become it’s member and sell goods & services online but it gives the best logistic and after sales services to its registered customers at best price. If the product is defected or disliked by the buyers on its actual receiving than he/she has an option to return it within 15 or 30days (as per product guideline) and claim for refund. Flipkart cares its customer hence neither delay in logistic nor in refund, but some proxy customers took it in another way to cheat the company.

After receiving the product they claimed for return and when pick up was arranged they hand over the parcel filled with stone and garbage. Some share pictures with such parcels on social media platform like FB to threatened the site manger and claim for refund hence the largest ecommerce website of India has earned a loss of big amount in last 2 years. After knowing it the site filed a complaint in cyber crime police that customer ordered expensive products and once the order was delivered they put stone and garbage in it and claim for return and refund. Most of watches, Smartphone and footwear buyers did so and demand for money back else threatened to expose it on social media or file case in consumer court.

According to SN Murthy, Flipkart internet Pvt, the company lost a total of Rs. 156,39,372. A similar complaint lodged by Flipkart to examine the authenticity of customers. The group of such fake customers fetched unknown internet users and their bank details, buy sim card and made payment by net banking. The site has strong ecommerce development that keeps the customer’s entire essential information secured and safe and always shows loyalty with them. Such thing with it is really sad hence company made some changes and whenever the return is claimed, deliver boy check the product first then accept it. The case it still going on.



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