Whatsapp going to be banned in India

Whatsapp is the most popular social media app that eases out the socialistic complications to make the bonding stronger and keep in contact with people. Although facebook since its year introduction to world in year 2004 is continuously working on increasing the followers list and provide them a platform to connect with people located at distance and share image, video, text messages, audio-video calls, in the situation where FB had a countless billions of account holders and followers, establishment of new such platform was quite challenging for every newcomer to this trade but Whatsapp did so and apparently won the battle too and now the result is in front of everyone, but unfortunately a battle has been started against it from the August end where Indian government has decided to control the fake news and hoaxes getting viral on the app.

The Ministry of Electronics and IT, India is inspecting the app functionalities and when found the guilty of sharing fake news, issued a notice in July, 2018 to trace the fakes news and hoaxes and control them accordingly from viral circulation. But the team managing Whatsapp mobile application in India ignored it and did not work accordingly hence now the Ministry of Electronics and IT has issued an ultimatum to the mobile application company managing Whatsapp overall activities in India that either stops this nuances getting viral through the app or ready to go out. It is shocking and eventually panicking news as well for both company and Whatsapp account users as well that if company will fails to do so in given time period it will surely be declared as illegal and might be ban in upcoming future.

Reference:  https://www.indiatimes.com

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