Top 5 Code Editors used web designing

In the realm of computer network, Notepad is the popular text editor to edit the plain the text. Actually, Text editor is a computer programming application to create and modify the plain text and web content through coding part. Usually web design and development companies use the different types of text editor to modify the content or coding part and replace the updated version with older one. Before going to the best top 5 text editors, it is necessarily knowing why such applications are required, how it is being utilized for variety of reasons and by whom, so here are reasons:

  • it is being used as the code editor
  • Used to write, edit and modify the development segment.
  • Aids to reconcile the design alignment
  • Content error and reconcile.

There is huge list of text editors with specific class and features are present online and offline and Software and Website developers with particular necessity regarding code editing use the one the best suited text editors. Among several types of code editors, some are very popular and used by variety of development experts, so here we present top 5 best text editors used by website design companies-


50 programming language supportive ‘Notepad ++’ is an open source code editor, hence utilized by number of developers at software and web development companies. The windows based free source editor provides the feasibility to create, edit and update the programming codes. Document tabs, spell check, file comparison, zoom-in, Zoom-out, Find and Replace option enhance its usability and make it on top priority.


It is too an open source code editor that is evenly feasible with Windows, Linux, and OS X. The source editor loved by several developers supports HTML, CSS, node and JS.  The free source editor ease-outs the developers to customize the usability according to the requirement and offers them plug-ins and themes design as per the requirement.


Brackets has the privileged usability for the website design companies. The faster source code editor eases out this developer’s work by accessing direct information from PSD to editors. The light weighted versatile Brackets support Linux, UNIX, Mac and Windows and can be worked out with diversified extension files easily.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is one of the top popular source code editor, that is light in weight, faster to work and easily navigate between codes.  The Cross-platform editor filled with quality features and plug-ins is the robust combination of Python API, which is in a same time frame, allows the developers to do multiple changes located at different places in a code.


VIM is also an open source cross-platform editor that was introduced in 1991. The faster and lighter source editor perfectly works on UNIX based and Apple OS X systems. Website design company that design and develop website or apps for Mac system, prefer VIM to work. VIM has the bunch of quality features likes extensive plug-ins, support more than 100 programming languages, robust and find and replace integration tool systems etc.

There is huge list of source editors online, where each have distinct features and known for work performance as well, but Among several types of source editors these top five are being used by the most of Web development companies, so if you are from the designing point of view, looking for a source editor than this article will surely assist to pick-up right choice to satisfy your web designing need and requirement.

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