How to find the right platform for your website development

In today’s web development scenario, PHP is most in demand and widely used framework for developing web applications for various reasons. It’s a server-side scripting language used as a website and general purpose programming language by Web Development Company. Even though HTML was the first markup language that made you feasible to design web pages, add images, texts on to make it attractive but undeviating pages was the main drawback of this platform which encourage professionals to find the new variable platforms.

Role of PHP frameworks in best website development:

  • It’s an open source framework that gives an easy to use platform for beginners.
  • It can be hosted from anywhere now web hosting company in Delhi is continuously engaged in offering PHP based hosting.
  • It’s an excellent Content management system that is designed and created for the web versus adapted to the web.
  • Connectivity to database (MySQL, Oracle, ODBC) is more easier.

 Most popular PHP frameworks

Laravel framework of PHP is most popular and widely in demand for web application development. It is free open source web based framework that uses MVC (Module- view-Controller) pattern for web application development.

Symfony it is also one of the popular PHP based framework used by professional web experts. It consists of large set of reusable components/library to speed up the building and maintenance of web application and to replace repetitive code tasks by using library files.

Phalcon is the faster PHP framework. Written in C and Zephir language Phalcon was introduced to speed up, reduce resource usage, and to handle more HTTPS requests per second than other frameworks. It is easy to learn and develop web application without considering size and complexity.

PHP framework is as much beneficial that developing companies in Delhi NCR has started launching PHP hosting too and you may find the huge list of such professionals from Google those are continuously engages in PHP based development along with PHP hosting. Oaky web is one of such leading PHP based web design and development company that rewardingly engaged in website, mobile application and ecommerce solution. Apart from these services it also serves dedicated web hosting along with DNS.

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