How to make your website active on the internet?

Hosting along with DNS plays the major role in accessing a website from World Wide Web. It is a process to upload a website on the dynamic environment known as internet and make it live and accessible for every internet connected PC, mobile, tablet. A Web Hosting company assists individual or business organization in it to upload their designed web applications on the cloud based system and make it available for every internet user.

How does hosting work?

Sometimes you get a message “The site can’t be reached” while looking for a website; it means the requested website is not available on the server. You can fetch only stored files from the particular server.  If you raised query beyond it then you will receive such type of messages on screen.

Server and DNS are two major elements of this process where server is used to store WebPages on a specifically uncommon location and DNS assign a domain name to that location. Usually server is considered as computer program or device that provides services to another computer programs, and whenever a query for accessing a webpage is being raised from a browser than with the help of DNS it start contacting to the relevant serve and fetch the particular page from there and provide it on the user’s device.

Types of hosting

Shared- A server is shared by more than one websites.

Reseller– It allows client to become host and resale the server with additional features and functionalities.

Virtual Dedicated Server or VPS- share one physical server but virtually acts like multiple, separate servers.

Dedicated Server- you only have the copyright and full control on the dedicated server

Colocation Server- Server on rent. Instead of buying you can take server on rent from data center too and pay for its availed services.

XamPP server- You can make your own hosting service at your residence by placing a single machine as host, for instance localhost.

 Attributes of the “best web hosting service in Delhi”

Up to the Time- A sites accuracy depends upon its timely availability. A Web host company plays major role in it to provide best services so that a site can be accurately accessed on time.

Reliable: A best host service is one which can provide reliable and trustworthy results on time.

Security: Because hosting service belongs to its customers hence online security is essential for an expert to provide its customers on the internet.

How to obtain hosting services for your website?

Local host server is the best example of home based hosting to which you can create by yourself but when you want to make your site universally live and accessible on every system and browser then you have to go for another types of hosting services like shared, reseller etc where a web hosting company will buy or rented out a specific location on the particular server and DNS for your website and make it online at international level. The company provides services on chargeable basis and takes monetary value in considerations and provides maintenance at regular basis too.

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