Why every brand has a tagline in the market?

Have you ever observed that why every brand or business uses a tagline and what is it and what is the impact of iconic tagline on the market? Just read out this blog to get the answers of your all questions and clear all the doubts and mistrusts as well.

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“Jindagi ke sath bhi Jindagi ke baad bhi” an iconic statement heard by everyone. Whenever this sound puts in ears the mind automatically start memorizing Life Insurance Policy of India- an insurance company that gives various kinds of life coverage to Indians and tell them the benefits of having life insurance policy for the insured person and his family too.

The interesting and mere about a funny statement “No confusion, Just great combination” of Bingo brand affirmatively affects the snacks market.

Tagline is the one short statement that itself is fully capable to describe the quality of a product like “Tedha hai par mera hai” iconic statement of kurkure snacks gives the complete detail about the product as even the snacks is unshaped, but its flavor will make your tasting buds active and you will not resist yourself to be apart from it.

The idea behind making and using a tagline is to create a unique and memorable phrase that can sum up the attributes of the products or business.

Disney- “The happiest place on the earth”

A tagline must be unique that can seize the listener’s attention in almost very first attempt like “Connecting people” of Nokia phones.

It should be catchy and expressive too that can smartly express the different qualities or features of the product and have the spark to be memorable for long like “Isko lga dala toh life jingalala” of Tata Sky.

The main objective of using tagline is to explore the product’s features by a unique way that can influence the market and assists in promoting and advertising the business in the global market as well and a digital solution agency has the liability to make it unique and relevant as well because an irrelevant tagline adversely affects the brand’s goodwill. Tagline is the soul of a brand hence it should be eye catchy, relevant and honest too.

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A tagline is the whole-sole of brand that impacts on product’s market hence it needs some extra and creative efforts to make it unique, interesting and eye-catchy too.

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