The Darker side of web designing

You have heard more about web designing and its valuable importance for website development that designing is a process to make your creative thinking visible and draw the front-end of a website. A designer uses several designing tools like Photoshop, illustrator, themes, RGB colour combinations to make the one and only visible part attractive in view and responsive for desktop, mobile and tablets. A good design plays the vital role in user supportive front-layout formation. A poorly designed website leads bouncing and degrading site ranking on Google or any other browser. Negative impacts of poorly designed websites are:

  • Diversion from the goal

Each website is developed for any specific reason like e-commerce website for online selling, banking website to serve online banking services. The prime motive of web designer and developer is to make the site goal-oriented so that it can fulfill all the requirement and competitively achieve the set goal but unfortunately an unprofessionally designed website has lack of professionalism that leads the diversion in design and development, most of the time such website get failed in achieving the set goal for what is made for.

  • Browse incapability

The worst side of a poorly designed website is incapability to browse. Outdated design and use of ample scripts heal-up the browsing incapability and visitors start facing trouble in accessing the site.

  • Viewers bouncing

A visitor gives only 30 seconds to a website to impress him if it fails then he quickly moves to another competitive web portal; the process is known as bouncing which leads down-fall in site ranking.  Visitors do so when finding something uneasy, not interesting or inappropriate, in which poor design plays an important role very initial stage and leads to higher bouncing rate.

Even though website development is not more a complicated task for a fresher or partially computer literate person, without having B. Tech or MCA degree you can design a full-fledged website, but it is necessary to know all about web design and development prior to initiating the process.

Hiring a professional expert for this task is quick and easiest solution of this problem where the firm of such stream covers up the entire negative points of a web design and serve the best hassle-free solution as per your need and requirement.

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