Mobile Application Design Development

A Mobile is now an inseparable part of our life in that undoubtedly has increased demand mobile application demand. A mobile phone comes with some inbuilt applications and rests other required applications can be accessed from a public app store. Google play store and other similar public app stores have stocks different types of application for different purpose like Image, Video, tax related application etc. and invite a user to download the useful app from there.

Instead of download mobile app from Public app store, a mobile application can be design and develop on demand. By this technology, a new businessman or user can get a mobile app of his own business.

A Mobile application can be a gaming, educational or, business purpose but usually, these applications are divided into following types:

1.Native applications are specially designed apps for a specific platform and it could not be port on other platforms. I phone apps are the native application which are cannot be used in Android or Windows form.

2.Hybrid application Hybrid apps are designed by use multi-platform digital technologies like Java, HTML, PHP etc. and because it is designed by using multi-platform technologies, hence it is fast and easy to use such hybrid applications on all platforms and in comparison to Native apps, it is less expensive and easy to use applications.

3. Web application Web apps work similar to a native app and by creating a bookmark to the page it redirects user and offers ‘install’ option to download. Web apps are lightly weighted software those need minimum space on memory devices and need less maintenance in comparison to Native and Hybrid applications.

Mobile application needs IT experts to design and develop this utility on requester’s choice. A huge list of mobile application design and development companies is available online and you have chosen the company of your choice. Oaky Web Pvt. Ltd is a digital solution company in Delhi NCR that engaged into providing various digital solutions like web design, E-commerce and much more to its client on demand, Mobile application design and development is one of them. This digital solution agency is proficient to design application for I phone, Android, and Windows. Reason to choose this digital solutions agency is it has sharp knowledge of framework and mobile technologies. It provides dynamic services to a different platform and most important it provides low-cost services.

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