Creative web design Tips to boost your conversion Rate

Along with creating a user-friendly website design, every designer has the intention that his efforts would be appreciated by the audience which is in roundabout manner help the site to boost the conversion rate. Conversion rate denotes the percentage of visitors visited the site and stayed there for at least 48 second only. Designer has the chance in that time frame to excitingly engage the visitors with intuitive design and his creativity with objects. There is no preset benchmark for creative designing but some tip to boost your site’s conversion rates are as follows:

Big and Bold Typography

In last few years big and bold typography has hit the trend designing and quickly liked by the audience as well. Typography is an art to arrange the written text or content in a different mode of style, Big and Bold is one of them. Big and Bold typography is trend of couple of these years and there is no doubt say that it will go for long because the style offers the ease of seeking the attention and quickly readable as well.

Speedy loading time

Folks of 21st century are impatient and wishes instant solution for every query, so is with website.  Whether it’s on mobile phone or desktop use people want high quality within and lesser time period.  Designer has to consider it as well and must try to keep the image size compact and responsive to all screen size.

Achievement counter

Its common theory that due to incapability of memorizing for long people don’t like to figures/number but the concept has been changed in last couple of years and now people love facts and numbers to clear out the exact position. Hence designer has the chance to use achievement counters in design to build the trust among audience. Once it will build, conversion rate will hike automatically.

‘F’ Shape Layout

Left to Right reading or viewing is the obvious habit of almost all of us where we focus on left positioned object first then steadily move the header to right then next line start from the left too. Researchers observed it and canvas the ‘F’ shape layout in designing.  Being a designer you are willing to make your design seek public attention and try to keep them engaged with your designing efforts then you should try the Left to Right layout in your designing.

Video Landing Page

In respect to site promotion and efforts to turn traffic into business, landing page plays the vital role where as a designer you put some objects, creative content to share your Web design company’s promotional message or business, In such case a video landing page is more impressive than content in writing. Instead of reading long content people love to view it graphical video hence you create videos for the site landing page, it will accommodate the  high conversion rate and your idea of creative landing page design.



Though creativity has no set benchmark but still there are some innovative tips you can put in your designing skills and canvas a responsive and user-friendly web platform that helps the site to boost the number of audience.

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