What’s new in Whatsapp

From launch to till 2018 Whatsapp is continuously upgrading day by day. Every new update brings latest and present situation based solution that leads the mobile app to become trendy and popular in demand. Though the mobile app was initially developed as Smartphone centric instant personal chat messenger with saved contact but steadily and as per the time and user’s requirement app is frequently updating time to time and now it the scope has widened and cover up the commercial and promotional messaging as well.  Similar to previous update this time too, Whatsapp has brought some new smart and advanced features. Some of them are as follows:

What’s new in Whatsapp

Forwarded message

Mobile application Development Company brings a new featured name as ‘forwarded’. If the message sender is not the original creator of the message then it will shown under ‘Forward ’caption to receiving chat box.  The feature is equally to works on both Android and iOS platform, but there is a loop hole in the feature that it works on forward option only, means if you copy the content and send by paste into next media group or chat then it will be treated as the new .

Ping the chat box

If you are willing to keep a chat box notified and highlighted than Whatsapp new version employs the Ping option to do so. The feature offers the opportunity to ping the selected chat box and place it on top so that you don’t need search long to find the contact and start chatting. In Whatsapp latest update you can set 3 personal or groups or combo of personal and group to be pinged.

Spam Reporting

It is well understood that now Whatsapp is evenly used for personal and commercial promotional purpose hence many of marketing companies can use your Whatsapp number to send promotional messages in personal or group chat. If such promotional content are offensive or irrelevant than latest Whatsapp version enables you to report such groups as spam and banned from your account.

Storage usage

The latest update showcase the feature to determine the space occupied by a contact or group chat on your device and allow you to manage the chat with space.

Suspicious Link Detection

The feature enables you to differentiate the fake and real message. By enabling the suspicious link detection you can detect the spam or fake messages and keep your account protect from suspicious links and hacking as well. The feature is available in Whatsapp 2.18.211 version.

Update your Whatsapp account with latest version and get advance features with a secured mechanism to protect your account from scamming.

Source: https://abpnews.abplive.in/gadgets/whatsapp-five-lesser-known-features-920382

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