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In course of business development, web hosting plays a key role in it. Web hosting is service thatmakes the developed site live on the internet. A designed and developed website needs a mechanism that could make it accessible around the world. Web hosting is consisting of thedomain name, hosting, DNS and IP address.

Domain Name
Domain name is an identification string of your website like Such identification string needs to be purchased from a registrar. Price of domain name varies from company to company. Some provide it at alesser price and some charge more. Price variation might because of extra services.Most of the time you could see that a Domain service provider with higher charges offers you various extra services along with domain name.Oaky web provides you, domain name and extra services at reasonable price.

IP Address
The IP address is the unique name of each computer system on the internet. Each computer system connected to the internet must have this IP address and it varies from system to system. An IP address cannot be same for two internet-connected devices.

Domain Name Server(DNS)
It is also known as nameservers. DNS consist domain name, IP address and variously associated information. It is a hierarchical decentralized naming system for computers, services connected to the internet. Before choosing a web hosting company, you are well assured that it will provide you with this facility along with domain name like Oaky web provides a domain name with DNS services to your website.

Web Hosting
Hosting is service that makes a designed website online on the internet. Hosting is essential for a website to access it around the world. In hosting, computer systems called servers are used to store designed web page. On request of the userconnected to the internet,it provides the requested web page. A web hosting is essential to publish a website on the internet. For this reason, theweb host service provider provides various services to their clients.

Oakyweb provides dedicated domain name and web hosting to its client so If you are ready to create and host a website Oakyweb will help you out with it.

Web-hosting Services Delhi NCR ! Web Hosting Services Delhi NCR

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