Get your website secured with HTTPS

To provide more security on web, Google is going to mark all HTTP site as ‘Not Secure’. In addition to provide security to internet users Google has upgraded the Chrome and launched Chrome 68 in the web industry. Along with introducing the latest chrome 68 Google stated that from the date of launching users accessing the HTTP site on updated version will get a warning of ‘Not Secure’ on the screen.

HTTP stands for “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol” is used an application protocol to distribute the requested web page on the systems. On client-server architecture it is considered as the request-response protocol that magnificently fulfill the client system’s request from the server with a speed and reliability. HTTPS is an advanced version of file transferring protocol that offers more secured and faster way of web page request and response by the server. Before launching Chrome 68 HTTPS was used by site designed for specific & delegate reasons like nation security system, defence etc. Traffic on HTTPS is more encrypted by default which means it more trustworthy and secured from snooping, especially on a public network.

In latest Chrome 68 it has become mandate for every site user to use HTTPS protocol to prevent the site from unwanted snooping and warnings. Now it’s questionable for the most of us to know how we can make our site chrome 68 friendly and use HTTPS protocol. Apart from website creation most of web design and Development Company offers hosting with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. So if you have SSL certificate for using HTTP for the site on Google and willing to upgrade it into HTTPS than you can avail certificate from such web solution provider agency located nearby you location.

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